Hello there! My name is Brandon, and I am excited to journey with you.

This website is a lot of things, but mostly it is my story, and it is a story filled with a lot of contradictions.

I grew up in a rural town called Sleepy Eye in southwestern Minnesota, but I studied at the University of Minnesota in urban Minneapolis. During college, I was involved in an evangelical campus ministry, and yet I was an activist in a progressive (compared to evangelicalism) student government. I have interned and worked in the agriculture industry with farmers and more traditional agriculturists, and I have also been a youth worker in underserved and underresourced communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In my current job, I have worked on projects with corporate agribusiness companies, and yet I also am an advocate for justice in environmental issues that have largely come about due to actions from these companies.

Oh, I'm also a Christian and queer. I feel like that's worth mentioning too.

My entire life has been surrounded by perspectives that are invariably at odds. I respect one perspective, and I believe in the other. I have always had this nagging feeling that things in the world are not how they should be, but it wasn't until I came to college I began to put those feelings into language. Yet, for a couple years, I floated in the same bubbles. Slowly, those bubbles began to pop.

A bubble popped when I volunteered and worked for homeless shelters that disproportionately housed black and brown people. Another popped as I substitute taught in St. Paul Public Schools and witnessed firsthand the under-resourcing of schools that particularly affected communities of color. One bubble popped when I came to the conclusion that I was gay. Another bubble popped as an intern in South Africa where racism was rampant in a freshly, post-apartheid country. Yet another bubble popped as I came out and realized what marginalization really was and how it affected others beyond my own identity. I could keep going as the bubbles popped and popped because I had started to recognize systems of injustice, deconstruct my faith and  realize it was all connected. That's why the bubbles wouldn't stop popping. They still won't.

For a long time I said the right comments; I fit the nice kid box. I didn't stray too far from what others believed because I couldn't challenge what people knew. I learned the "facts" and shared what people liked to hear. I didn't dare pop anybody else's bubble. My why is "to always love radically and restore more," and while this blog steps into my story of bubbles popping, it is also learning what loving radically really means and how my humanity is tied up in yours.

So, if you're looking for a blog about love, restoration,  faith, humanity, whiteness, coming out, being young, learning about the world, agriculture, rural culture, justice and how it is all connected, then this blog is for you. It is for the young, gay, cisgender man in southwestern Minnesota who sees themselves reflected in my story, and it is for the rural American with a different life experience who wants to learn more but hasn’t figured out how to. It’s for the person of color or woman to know I will never completely understand your experiences, but I see them and will attempt bringing them to light in spaces where you aren’t being listened to. It's for the 20-year-old who sees this world and recognizes things are not as they should be, and it is for the 60-year-old who does the same. This blog is for the Christian who wants to know how I can justly affirm being gay, and it is for the person who doesn’t identify as Christian but is desperate to see Christians actually live into the call of justice from Jesus.

I'm just getting started and am no longer afraid to let my bubbles be popped. We have got a lot to talk about, friends.


There goes another bubble. Let's get started.